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Jul 31, 2012

Diverse Ability & Accessibility in Information Technology (DAAIT)

Helping You Enhance the Usability of IT with Universal Design Strategies in Schools

Information technology (IT) that can be operated by users with diverse abilities is considered “universally accessible”. Accessible information technology can allow any user, including users with a wide variety of disabilities, to utilise IT in the school setting. In addition, universally accessible IT may serve to allow users to readily find and use a built-in feature (like a screen reader or text-to-speech function in a network operating system) that would work with the ability that a user has good use of (such as a visually impaired user’s auditory ability).

DiverseAbility.Net is an introduction to resources, tools and connections that apply to the universal design of IT in education for users with diverse abilities. The following represents an effort to combine federal legal requirements with best practices in meeting the needs of users with diverse needs and abilities in the IT setting. Where relevant law is applicable, it is referenced. Consider the remainder of the content to be recommendations to how best to approach the worthy goal of making your IT accessible.

  1. Why MUST you Consider User Accessibility?
    • Universal Accessibility Policy Tool for Information Technology (IT)
    • Strategy for incorporating guidelines in the Enhancing Education Through Technology
  2. The Essentials: Keeping User Accessibility in mind with Websites, Software Programs, Operating Systems, Networks & Facilities
    • DiverseAbility Matrix: Identifying ways to meet diverse user needs with assistive technology software & hardware features.
    • Universally Accessible Workstation: A cost analysis for creating a universally accessible computer work station
    • Built-In Windows Accessibility Features and Utilities: Enhancing Usability for Diverse Users: A Reference Tool for Universally Designed Information Technology.
    • Full-Featured Options to Meet Individual Needs Using Assistive Technology Software.
    • Resources.